Ethel Avenue

While new exterior entry stairs and windows to replace failing materials was a practical "must" for empty nesters ready to update their home, a transformative, inventive design was the true motivation for the call to me.

What "had been" was dark and uninviting. The new stairs were designed to be light box. The illumination, as well as new bluestone paving at street level, creates an exterior foyer that welcomes guests even before reaching the front door and conversely, at the end of the evening, provides a lighted area for those who are waiting for the car. Careful rhythmic composition of the guardrails run from top rail to the ground while the expression of the stair treads provide a dynamic counterpoint design.

New siding used in both ship lap and board and batten either highlight special features, such as a square bay window, or break up long and visible side walls to the house. This is one project best understood by before and after images!