Downtown Sonoma Residence

Less than a block from Sonoma’s downtown square, this property is uniquely zoned to allow two homes on a single lot. The design of the new residence takes great care to be compatible with the existing home and greater neighborhood by use of form, color, and materials. The materials (stucco and ship-lap siding) are characteristic of the one and two story structures in downtown Sonoma. Additionally, the second level portion of the house echoes the many two story gable end forms that occur along West Spain Street. 

An "L" shaped plan was used to maximize the back yard area; it is both a garden and outdoor living area and serves as the focal point for the living room, dining room, master bedroom, and guest bedroom. The second level occurs at the intersection of the legs of the "L."  It is the only part of the house visible from the street and is seen down the shared drive. Looking from the second floor, the open drive provides the only unobstructed views to the north hills. Visible just from the shared court between the existing and new house, the soaring shed roof not only adds compositional balance to the two story element, but allows high windows within the master bath for maximum light and privacy. Clerestory windows at both the front and back of the living room flood the room with light and connection to the beautiful tall trees in the distance.

Interiors: Leslie Whitelaw and Dorinda Parker, Landscape: Rozanski Design, Contractor: Earthtone Construction